Kit Bhatti

Portrait photographer, London


Hi! I’m Kit, a mum of two and a portrait photographer in North London. I turned to photography around five years ago when I realised that my children were growing up far too quickly! I bought myself a “posh” camera, armed myself with some photography knowledge and got to capturing all the details and memories that I knew I would want to look back at one day.

I am now lucky enough to do this for other north London families. I love being able to capture the unique bonds between families in a relaxed, natural atmosphere. To find out more about my family photo sessions, please visit my website.

“It can feel daunting to get the “perfect” shot of your children: with these simple tips you can create memorable portraits that will be cherished forever.”




You may think that matching outfits are the way to go – NO! This looks too gimmicky and your children won’t thank you for it later in life! Opt for block colours or simple patterns and outfits that coordinate with each other rather than match. Simplicity is the key here!




I am not a fan of posing and prefer gentle direction. Set them up with an activity and then gently guide them as to where to look/what to do. Get down to their level to really capture their expressions when they are doing intricate activities and count them down when they are jumping/being more energetic. Experiment with different angles and crops to capture a completely different photo!


Have a tidy before you even broach the subject of taking the children’s photos with them! Think about which rooms you will use and in which direction you will face to ensure the backgrounds look clutter-free.



I love using natural light and am continuously thinking about how to get the best lighting. When taking shots inside, take photos next to large windows, having the children face the window and your back to the window when taking the photos. Experiment with the window on the side to create photos with interesting shadows. When outside, avoid the midday sun! Try and shoot either earlier/later in the day or when cloudy for the most flattering light. Never have the children facing the sun or you will end up with photos of squinting children!


Think about the children’s favourite activities and use that to your advantage. Lego, reading, colouring… capture them when they are at their most engaged. Try to capture some action shots! Jumping on the bed is always a crowd pleaser! Get them in the garden and use garden toys to get some fun shots. If you have a pet, include them in the photos. If your kids are anything like mine, they’ll need no encouragement to snuggle with the dog!! Use treats with the dog to lure them into looking at you at the crucial moment.

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