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Kat Lebrasse is a fashion and lifestyle blogger from Melbourne, Australia who is currently based in Dubai. She met her husband shortly after arriving in Dubai 12 years ago and the two have been together ever since. They got married in May 2011 and fell excitedly pregnant with their daughter, Poppy, late 2014 after two years of trying. Find out more about Kat and her family in our interview with her below…


Although my profession means I’m able to work from home, it also means I don’t have a set routine. I’m in and out of meetings, shoots and press events on any given day. My husband works for Emirates Airline and as such is away from home more than he is actually home! So luckily we have a wonderful nanny, Sheila who helps us with Poppy. She looks after her throughout the day, taking care of her meals and making sure she naps. However, if I can manage it, I always try to put a couple of hours aside in the afternoons to play with Poppy, whether it be at the park, the beach or a play date with friends. My husband is the same. Whenever he is home, he spends as much time as he can with Poppy. As much as possible, I like to be the one to give Poppy her dinner, bath her and put her to bed. I feel like it’s important for her to have that consistency and sense of security.


We’re a real beach family. We live opposite the beach so the majority of our time together as a family is spent there building sand castles with our daughter and teaching her to swim. My husband is a qualified swim coach so it’s great for Poppy. We have a wonderful set of close friends that we also spend a lot of time with here in Dubai. Many of our weekends are spent having BBQ’s and enjoying each other’s company over a couple of bottles of wine, while their kids and Poppy run around and play.



My personal style is quite eclectic. I can go through very classic, simple dressing phases and the next week, you might find me in something a little crazier. I do find that since having Poppy, I’ve become a lot more concerned with comfort and durability, so that’s definitely having an impact on the way I’m dressing, especially for day time. Thankfully the many evening events that I attend for work give me the opportunity to dress up and throw on a pair of heels, so I have a little more fun with those outfits.

Having a daughter is like having a little doll to play dress up with every day. I get more excited about her wardrobe than my own nowadays! There are really stylish and fabulous children’s apparel out there and I can’t get enough of styling her up like a little mini me. Although I’m not particularly into Mummy and me dressing at all!

In general Poppy lives in cotton rompers and dresses, however, she has so many beautiful pieces that she doesn’t get enough wear out of, so I’ve started putting her in some of “fancy” gear for no reason at all. Carpe Diem!


I learnt very quickly that everyone wants to share their parenting advice with you, whether you want to hear it or not. What you should feed your baby. How much they should sleep. When they should sleep. How you should discipline them. How they should be developing. And the list goes on. But in the end, what I came away with was a decision to just do it our way. Do what works for us. Because as adults, aren’t we all different? Don’t we like different things? So why should we assume that all 9-month-old babies are the same? While many black and white methods work for many families, they didn’t work for ours and they may not work for yours. Take the advice you’d like and adapt it to fit your family.

My biggest rule as a parent is to remember not to be too hard on yourself. We’re all learning. And we all make mistakes. I’ve made many. I’m sure I’ll make many more. But it’s ok. I have a happy, healthy baby girl and she knows I’m doing my best. Your kids do too.


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