The little things to help the planet

Help the planet

In honour of Earth Week at Life & Style and our newly relaunched eco boutique Kind Threads, we are highlighting some of our favourite brands as they share tips on the little things we can all start doing to help mother earth and the environment.


Tao & Friends was created by best friends Mimmi Musiala and Selina Pattyranie.
Tao&friends is a conscious sustainable kidswear brand, working with non-harmful certified organic GOTS cotton within a factory subscribing to fair trade, ensuring permanent employment with compensation above minimum wage. They also donate €1 to charity for each item sold.


Help the planet


Help the planet




We started very small, but with a dream to make a change! Every little thing helps. Part of what we do is to ensure that our clothes are made in the best way possible – no bad stuff, nada, is used in the production of our organic clothes. So let’s all think about that the clothes we put on can also have an impact on the environment.

Remember that every little thing we do makes a difference!

1. Care about what you wear and how it’s made.

2. Once you have outgrown your clothes don’t forget there might be another little person that could use them! So please donate them to someone else.

3. Walk to school or take public transport instead of taking the car.



Over the last 2 years Muddy Puddles has developed an Eco range of waterproofs. Called EcoSplash, it is fully waterproof and protective and is made from recycled plastic bottles. The collection has grown from year to year and enables children to explore outdoors whatever the weather and be mindful of the planet at the same time. The recycled plastics are converted into cutting-edge technical fabric which is exceptionally durable and hard wearing.



Help the planet

Help the planet


At Muddy Puddles we believe every child is wild at heart. We want to celebrate rolling down hills, climbing trees, jumping in puddles and making daisy chains. The more our youngsters love the planet the more they will be motivated to protect it. Here are our 5 top tips on how to inspire the next generation of young eco-warriors.

1. Embrace the great outdoors to grow children’s love for the planet by planning in opportunities to roam and play free in local woods, parks and wilderness. A fact we love is that in Britain no-one lives further than 6 miles from a wood so it really is easy to find and engage with nature on our little island.

2. Grow things – whether in a little pot/ window box or out in a garden if you have one teaching children about the value of plants and how they suck in CO2 and give out oxygen by nurturing and watching seeds grow. It is a lovely thing to do and is really effective

3. Composting – make composting a shared responsibility so children know that when they have finished their food their peelings and leftovers can be used again to help new nature grow.

4. Recycling – it is great to make this fun where you can. For example with a used plastic bottle perhaps decorate it with your child and put their name on it so they can keep using it again and again and understand about trying to stop single-use plastic issues.

5. Start your first little lobbying campaign. This is something I have done with my children. After we watched Blue Planet we wanted to make a new resolution to reduce our plastic use so the children committed to giving up all snacks that had plastic wrappers then wrote to the chief executives of those companies explaining their actions and asking them to change their wrappers to be biodegradable in the future.




Playful brand Spanish brand Bobo Choses is all about creating whimsical styles and caring for the world.
In 2017 they created W.I.M.A.M.P, which stands for Worldwide Inventive Minds Against Monsters of Pollution, asking kids from around the world to make drawings on how they would stop sea pollution. Through their W.I.M.A.M.P 2017 collection, Bobo Choses will donate $25,000 to Ocean Conservancy, an environmental NGO, in support of ocean conservation.





For me it is very important that my children are in contact with nature, only then can they respect it. On weekends we like to go to the mountains, we have a small caravan with everything that we need. When we are there we realize the few things that children need to play and create. We have evolved towards a model of consumer society that is making our mother earth sick. If we do not all begin to be more aware that we only have one planet, the future of our children will be in danger.

Without being an example of anything, these are some of the habits that we practice at home:

To spend a lot of time in contact with nature, learn from it and take care of it.
2.  Try not to use plastic containers

3.  Reuse materials to make crafts

4. Go cycling to school

5. Share books, toys and clothes with our community

Help the planet

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