DC Shoes: Rediscover Youth Skateboarding Video

“The purity of being a young kid with your skateboard and not having any other cares in the world, that truly is the essence of skateboarding.” Colin McKay

Introducing a new generation of skateboarders, the DC Shoes team made this amazing video, which rediscovers the carefree days of their youth. To a chilled-out soundtrack of The Babies: Caroline, pro skateboarders Matt Miller, Josh Kalis, Colin McKay, Nyjah Huston, Felipe Gustavo and Chris Cole remember their first experiences of skateboarding; hanging out with their friends every day in the same spot, the exhilaration of learning a new trick and how nothing else mattered.

Cut to the present day, and they take a look at the exciting new talent that is taking to the ramps. Jett and Jagger Eaton, Tom Schaar, and the DC Youth Division are all just starting out in their skateboarding careers but are already showing amazing promise. The DC Shoes team all agree that this next generation is already learning faster than the last, with Matt Miller commenting: “What’s normal to a little kid now is insane to me because ten years ago it was groundbreaking”.

For more inspiration for future skateboarding pros, check out the DC Shoes shop here.

Vincent Matheron Stelfish Annecy DC Shoes

15 year old skater Vincent Matheron 

DC Skateboarding rucksacks

DC Shoes backpacks

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