The old year is out, the new one is in! And what better way to mark it than by doing a little home refresh to energise your indoor space!


The good news is, you don’t need to do a full-on remodel to change things up: a few simple accents here and there can add new life to your interior in no time.

Here, we’ve got simple ideas to add a touch of colour to your child’s bedroom or playroom. We’d recommend a day or two of decluttering as well if you fancy doing it and know there’s stuff you want to say goodbye to!

Floor work

Not only will a rug keep little toes cosy in cooler months, you can really add some colour and personality if you choose the right one.

Decide on the best place to put it – in the centre of a room works well, or right next to a bed so that tiny feet have a soft place to land when they wake up!

Beige Road Rug
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Tipi retreat

If you’ve got the space, we highly recommend investing in an indoor tent the kids can use as a hide away when they want a little peace! (It can also be a great place for stashing bits and bobs, too!)

Use it as a reading corner on rainy or days, or an imaginative play area too. Go bright and you’ll get that colour pop you were hoping for!


Blue Tipi Tent
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The softer side

A bright cushion placed here and there can do wonders to liven up a room. They’re also practical for when kids want to play sitting or lying on the floor, and are easy to change up if you decide to amend your interior space.

We love this fruity number – playful and bright, with hints of warmer days to come!

Pear Cushion Cover
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Find the light

During darker evenings, it can be nice to flood your rooms with low lights and lamps rather than harsher overhead lights. We love the fact that this cactus lamp adds a serious pop even when it’s not on, with that gorgeous green!

Plus, if you like the idea of having a bit more greenery around but are worried you might not remember to water a real plant – this could work perfectly!

Green Cactus Table Lamp
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Wonder wall

A bold print here and there on the walls can do so much to make a room feel cosy and add a little personality!  Choose one wall to have as a “feature wall” for pictures, or spread them around – it’s entirely up to you.

You may also want to save a few spots for when your little artist brings a favourite piece of their own creative work home!

XO Posters
Crocodile 30 x 40 Poster
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Sweet dreams

There’s nothing like throwing on a bright bed cover to instantly changing up a bedroom! Graphic print quilts can look modern and chic, and will also add an extra layers as we face the last cold snaps of the year.

Nor bed cover junior Graphic/blue multi mix
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