For now, our former lives have been placed on pause; the usual summer outings packed with sun-dappled escapades and the aromatic scent of sea salt and sun cream can stay nestled in the memory… until we’re free to do it all over again, someday!

And those summers as we know it – though momentarily replaced with our daily stomping ground (otherwise known as home) has, for many of us, been a tricky one to digest and somewhat challenging to navigate with our families.

If ever feeling a little despondent and longing to break loose from this new and unfamiliar phase in our lives, just stop for a second and listen very carefully… to the sounds of children. Still laughing, still causing mischief, and still enjoying the sunshine. All the reason to continue powering through day after day, our little ones’ happiness is at the core of our own, and as long as they’re smiling, talking, moving and just being, rest assured that they’ll be OK.

So how about the effect this short-term breather has had on the planet? Well a lot of good, as it turns out! Since the human population has been called upon to change everyday behaviours, patterns and habits, there have been some visible improvements to the environment that may pleasantly surprise you – and who’s to say we can’t continue to give as much as we can for the benefit of our planet once the lockdown is over?

Sit back and scroll on for some bitesize facts that’ll no doubt lift your spirits and have us all feeling thankful for such a resilient, bounce-back-able mother earth!

In the wake of coronavirus shutdowns, the earth has seen some unintended benefits – the most destructive impacts of climate change have reached a temporary standstill, like fossil fuels, for example. There has been a vast decrease in drivers on the road and planes in the air. The price of oil has actually dropped significantly, and this can only be a good thing for the climate because oil is the biggest source of the carbon emissions responsible for warming the planet and unpredictable weather!

As well as roads and transportation hubs growing emptier, satellites have detected huge decreases in nitrogen dioxide air pollution, particularly in China, soon after the country went into lockdown. And who doesn’t want a cleaner atmosphere for ourselves and the generations after us!?










While we’re staying safe at home, there have been many sightings of usually timid and rarely spotted wildlife species making the most of calmer streets and far less noise… All in broad daylight, too! Coyotes, often scarce in many areas where there’s traffic, have been seen roaming along San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, deer are grazing by the roadside in the English country – sheep have actually been filmed wandering over to deserted school playgrounds, making use of the roundabouts and slides!








The positive change to our environment is clear to see; for the first time in 30 years, the Himalayas can be seen from North India, the view of the Italian Alps from Milan is no longer masked in dense, heavy fog. Similarly, New Delhi’s India Gate war memorial offers a picture-perfect vision, at last! The transformation in Venice has been truly impressive – after decades of serving tourists all year round, the ancient city’s canals are empty of boats, and running crystal blue, revealing glassy views of their sandy beds with shoals of hurried fish, nimble crabs and luminous plant-life drifting back and forth!


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