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Many in the Northern Hemisphere are fascinated by the idea of the hot summer Christmas as enjoyed by our friends in places like Australia. Sydney based mother of two Rachel is the founder of the AllAbroadBaby blog, a site designed for families who are looking for a little adventure in their lives. Sydneysiders are expecting a Christmas day in the mid-30°C. We asked Rachel to talk us through the white-sand-Christmas that so many of us have been dreaming of.


Christmas in Australia marks the start of the long summer holidays. So Rachel’s children have been counting down the days with extra excitement, whilst their parents have to make preparations for annual family vacations on top of Christmas shopping.

“December is definitely a hectic month, but the end result is quality family time and creating memories”.


It’s no surprise that this well-travelled family start their day with a Skype session to relatives scattered in Australia and around the world. The extended family gathers for Christmas lunch and an exchange of gifts.

“By this time of the day all you can hear from our house to the end of our street is squeals of excitement as kids ride their new bikes, swim in their new kiddie pools and jump on their trampolines (this year Rachel’s children Jude and Amélie will go outside and discover that Santa gave them a trampoline!).”

If your family enjoys sleeping off Christmas lunch in front of the television, don’t think things are any different in Australia. Rachel tells us “December can be an incredibly hot month, so although people might imagine that we all spend Christmas at the beach or having a barbecue, some years it’s much more pleasant to remain indoors in the comfort of an air-conditioned living area!”.


Tucking into a huge roast turkey and Christmas pudding in the sweltering heat doesn’t sound to appealing to us. Rachel’s family enjoys a bountiful spread of summer fare with traditional touches.

“Every year for as long as I can remember my mum has said, “No one is slaving over a hot stove when it’s 30°C+ outside!” In other words, no roast turkey or chicken. But now that we have an Englishman [Rachel’s husband] in our family we include a roast to make him feel more at home! … Seeing fresh prawns and oysters as part of the Christmas spread is completely normal for me. Hubby says this is very Australian!…Each year the obligatory Christmas ham is in the fridge, which is always huge and everyone eats slices of cold ham for days afterwards!”

The family does make room for a traditional Christmas pudding which is homemade or bought from the store.
Rachel’s family are avid travelers and if your young family is also going places then AllAboardBaby is definitely worth a read. Visit the blog for amazing advice such as where to take your young family to eat in Bali or what are the best options for swimming with pink dolphins in Bolivia.
We asked Rachel about her favorite away-from-home Christmas destination.

“ Byron Bay, on the far north coast of New South Wales. It’s my husband and I’s favourite seaside town in Australia. It’s absolutely magical. We go there every year during the summer. Christmas 2010 was really special as it was our first family holiday as parents and we stayed in a gorgeous seaside cabin literally a hop, skip and a jump from the water’s edge. If you’re planning on having a family holiday with young children in Australia, Byron Bay would be my top recommendation. You can read why we love it so much here”.

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