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So who’s prepared for ‘The Most Wonderful Time of the Year’!? Well, The Yoshida fam are all geared up for the festivities ahead, even if us tardy lot are dragging behind with lists upon lists of unfinished errands! From shopping, baking and tinsel-laden windows, to outfits set to mark that special occasion, join Haruna for the perfect countdown to Christmas…

Hi Haruna! So what’s Christmas like in the Yoshida family?

Well, like most families, we LOVE Christmas… From decorating the house, to preparing gifts and baking goodies, we’re into it all! Even though we aren’t Christian, celebrating Christmas as a regular family in America really is something we look forward to all year round. It’s a very special time of year for us, and since the rest of my family are back in Japan, being around friends we’ve made here in the States and their families too is a blessing.


When do you like to make a start on the festivities? Are you all early birds or do you like to hold off for a little while before dusting off the decorations?

We are total early birds! As soon as it nears December, we’re there with our reefs, lights and reindeer jumpers!


What have you got planned for the holidays?

This year we’re going to Santa Barbara for a camping holiday! We’re really looking forward to going back to basics amidst the mountains and beautiful lakes with a bonfire, hot cocoa, a starlit sky and S’mores! It makes a lovely change for the kids who can channel their inner wildness!

What are the kids’ favourite part of Christmas?

Well they love everything about Christmas and the exciting lead up to the 25th December but, of course, the whole Santa leaving gifts on Christmas Eve thing, has got to be a winner!


Do you have any special outfits stowed away for them to ‘wow’ in, over the Christmas and New Year period?

Absolutely. The girls have some lovely new bits from Rylee + Cru which is such a great choice for keeping things low-key when they’re pottering about, but is also versatile enough to go a bit more fancy too! And Chloé is a really special label they can feel their most comfy and stylish in too. There’re are so many cosy Chloé sweaters available at Alex and Alexa at the moment, I may just fill the girls’ stockings up with the entire collection!


What do you guys like to get up to activity-wise over the holidays? Any Arts & Crafts or cooking ideas you can share with us?

I really enjoy cooking sweet treats with Hannah and Nina over the holidays, and I especially love the @ryupure recipes which are so creative and pretty easy to do with two little ones as well! The sticky cinnamon toast cereal bread is a current favourite along with, brownie and pumpkin bread, avocado cookies and (Muffin + Cookie) Muffkies! Delicious!




Share with us your favourite childhood Christmas memories. Are they any different to Hannah and Nina’s? 

 My childhood Christmases were actually really similar to the girls’. I guess I wanted to recreate for them exactly what I was so lucky to have back in Japan with my own family and friends. We celebrated with lots of food, family, fun & games, and so much love, when I was a child. They are beautiful memories I’ll hold onto forever.


How do you usually cope with the Christmas rush? Or are you super organised with buying gifts for loved ones, and have them sitting pretty under the tree with a month to spare!?

When it comes to holiday shopping, I make sure I am always so organised! I’m really good at scouting out great gifts with the best deals! And I will find and bag them quickly, too – it’s an art! I can’t keep them under the tree though because the kids will, without a doubt, go crazy unwrapping them before the 25th!


What do Hannah and Nina have on their list this year?

 Disney Baby Princess Dolls, of course! They’re very ‘girly’ girls!

And finally, what are you guys all up to on NYE?

So we will all be in Santa Barbara during the Christmas and New Year period. We can’t wait to get on the road with only the bare essentials in tow. Check out my instagram @harunayokota to see what we get up to. Very excited! Merry Christmas, everybody!

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