Christmas Eve is, quite possibly, the most exciting night of the year for many children! The prospect of Santa arriving in the night, gifts being left under the tree and a stocking full of treats can be all too much to take and leave little ones almost too wired to sleep!

But, sleep they must – and if you want to ensure they (and you) get a good night of shut eye before the big day, worry not – we’ve got a few tips on making sure they settle down nicely so Father Christmas can arrive and do his work! Take a look…

Have a busy day

A little fresh air and some good old-fashioned walking are a great way to ensure the kids are tired out in time for bed!

If it’s chilly, wrap up warm, and if you have them, take bikes and scooters too so you can wander far and wide before the big day arrives!

Everything you need for a nature walk with kids >>


Stick to the usual evening plans as much as possible…

Do the things you usually do to maintain a sleep routine, if you can.


We know it’s likely the kids will be extra excited, but a warm bath, no screens at least an hour before bed and avoiding too many sugary snacks in the evening are as good ideas on Christmas Eve as any other night of the year.


…But don’t worry too much  if the routine changes – it happens!

It might just be the case that the kids are awake way past their usual bedtime. But – it happens. The best thing is not to stress too much.

The  kids WILL sleep eventually, and, after all, Christmas is a one off and, for lots of us, the biggest holiday of the year. If you want a little professional assistance, why not try using our bedtime meditation?

It’s been written especially for us by The Quiet Heart, aka Gemma David, as is a short relaxing exercise you can try to help little minds be still at bedtime.

Try our bedtime meditation, designed for relaxation last thing at night >>

Get them some new cosy pjs

Help the kids to become excited about bed by treating them to a new pair of pyjamas. If you do a Christmas Eve Box, you can make them part of that.

Read a Christmas story… but keep it mellow 

We love a good Christmas story of course, but there is the danger that any tale about Santa arriving down the chimney and delivering all those gifts might just get the kids oh-so ready for the morning before they’ve even slept!

Trying to keep the tone nice and quiet rather than too upbeat is the best advice we can offer on this one!

Get ahead with the Christmas prep – if you possibly can!

If you think the kids might not settle until later, you might want to make sure you don’t leave major tasks until Christmas Eve if you can do them any earlier – like present wrapping, and prepping the stocking.

On the other hand, if you thrive on doing things last-minute (it adds to the occasion for some of us!) then go for it!

And finally… Soak up the excitement!

Remember to sit back and enjoy the fun of it all every now and then. These days don’t last long, so enjoy them while you can!


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