With a long, blissful summer ahead of us, it’s safe to say that our calendars are looking jam-packed with an abundance of fun & excitement just waiting to be had – from beach trips and adventure parks to outdoor picnics and playdates with friends, summertime really does lift the mood for so many.

And while the holidays are long awaited and so looked forward to by both you and the kiddos, they can, at times, drag on… and on… for quite a few bleary-eyed mums & dads out there! Well we’ve just the answer for those inbetweeny low-key days needing very little planning but promising the utmost fun for all!

Here, we share our top tips on spending full, lazy days out in the garden thanks to this checklist of all checklists, helping families to make the most of backyard chilling, and with not a bored soul in sight!


Picnic Blankets 

One way to keep the little ones happier for longer is with a choice of yummy snacks to fill the gaps between meals, so why not put on an easy spread of healthy treats they can feast on throughout the day. Picnic blankets are a must for garden set-ups like these, so something durable and lightweight that can be thrown onto the grass with zero fuss is a win-win!


Deck Chairs

A failsafe choice for serious summer lounging and, of course, making the garden look effortlessly chic, is the British seaside’s favourite accessory – the deckchair! Minimal yet effective in its design and ever so easy on the eye, these classic chairs are fit for just about anything chill related. Read a book, slurp a mocktail, take a little snooze – the choices are endless.



Sun Hats

Shield little noggins from the sun’s rays with comfy, protective designs they can wear with any of their summer getup! Look out for pieces featuring longer material at the back to cover their necks, visor eye shades and UPF 50+ sun protection.




Mustard White Stripe Seersucker Reversible Sun Hat

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Shield little noggins from the sun’s rays with comfy, protective designs they can wear with any of their summer getup!



Nests & Tipis

For the teeniest of the bunch, the sun can pose an even greater risk because of delicate skin and the inability to regulate body temperature, so first thing’s first (and this is just as important for kids of all ages), be sure to slather them up with a kids’ sun protection cream of at least factor 30 to combat both UVB and UVA rays. For those harsher windows of sun (between 11am and 3pm), keep them safe and cool tucked away in a play or tipi tent beneath a generously shaded tree. If baby is due a nap but doesn’t want to miss out on the fun, providing they are never left unattended, place them in a breathable yet snuggly soft pod or nest inside the tipi. The entire family can enjoy this space to play games, snack on food and enjoy a cool moment’s break from the sun.

Kid’s Concept
Yellow Tipi Tent

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Paddling or Wading Pool

Is a childhood memory really a childhood memory if a paddling pool isn’t brought to mind? It’s a solid garden staple, and even parents can’t deny the enjoyment they feel when dragging it out of storage and watching eagerly as it fills up with water! Maybe it’s something to do with bringing the beach home or perhaps it’s the novelty of adding a temporary feature to be enjoyed while the sun is shining. In any case, it’s a great way for the kids to spend their time while cooling off, too!


Garden Games

An essential for getting everyone in on the action, garden activities like ring toss games, croquet sets and skipping ropes can be enjoyed over and over –  and by every member of the family, too! Classic yet simple games like these will prompt little ones to explore their imaginations when it comes to devising rules and, more crucially, learning that all-important tool of taking it in turns!



Snacks in Boxes

Did we mention snacks? Keep their treats fresh and cool stowed away in handy boxes. Whether they’re strewn across their picnic blankets or tucked away in their tipi tents, having some yummy snacks to hand will give them enough fuel to last the long summery day!


Keep their treats fresh and cool stowed away in handy boxes.



A brilliant way to enjoy some downtime, books – be it, long novels, comics, pop-ups, or… nifty four-pagers bedecked in buttons that play all manner of ear-piercing phonics! – they really do offer some well-needed stimulation, especially during high energy days that could do with a short breather and being broken up a little!


Sunnies & Sliders

The icing on top of the spring summer fashion cake, sunnies and sliders aren’t just for looking good, you know!? The perfect choice for letting little tootsies breathe and revel in the fresh air, sliders are also super practical thanks to waterproof materials, perfect for poolside shenanigans and easy on-offs! Shield their eyes from the sun’s mighty glare with sunglasses that offer polarized lenses, UV protection and BPA materials… Oh and some retro-esque frames wouldn’t hurt their look, either!


Stella McCartney Kids
Green Slide Sandals

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Providing extra coverage from the sun, rashguards are a great idea for active little ones who insist on staying out in it all day. Crafted from super stretchy and breathable fabric, most rashguards come with built in UPF 50 protection (a regular white T-Shirt offers only UPF 7) are lightweight, quick drying and undoubtedly the best choice for preventing rashes and sunburn when doubled up with SPF and a good break from the sun.





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