What My Children Have Taught Me with Clemmie Telford

What My Children Have Taught Me Alex and Alexa

I had my first kid at 3o. I thought I was a grown-up and that I knew quite a lot about quite a lot of things. I was wrong. Here’s what my two have taught me:


To be less of a control freak. When you want kids to zig they zag and there’s nothing you can do about it.

That I can survive on less sleep than I thought. My eldest didn’t sleep through until he was 18 months and I stayed sane (just).

That there’s very little in life that can’t be fixed with a baby wipe.

Boys love their willies from a very young age.

To be more efficient. Surely working Mums are the most diligent employees of all time? There’s nothing like a childcare pick up to keep your mind focused.

That the washing basket always wins. Try as I might I can never get the bottom of it.

That you’ll never grow out of fish fingers. A fish finger is a culinary delight whether you are 4 or 34.

To see the humour in everything. There are so many disastrous moments in parenting. Often they involve poo or your kids saying something mortifying in public – you’ve got to learn to laugh, otherwise, you’d spend your whole time weeping!

To trust my convictions. Everyone (parents, the internet, random old people on the bus) have advice on how to parent your kid. But only you truly know what that small person needs.

That no two kids are the same. My boys were utterly different beings from the

That parents genuinely don’t have favourites.

That I didn’t know how easy my life was pre-kids.

That I didn’t know how much of the good stuff I was missing.

Most of all my kid taught me what unconditional love feels like. Amazing and scary. Life-affirming and the best gift you could ever hope for.

With thanks to Clemmie Telford of Mother of all Lists X

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