Cacharel: Corinne Sarrut and Sarah Moon are back!

We are so excited at to bring you Cacharel’s NN collection for Spring Summer 2012!

Cacharel was founded in 1958 by Jean Bousquet, a tailor who started a hand-crafted business of woman’s pants in Paris. In 1963 Cacharel made it to the cover of Elle Magazine, it was the brand’s worldwide debut – success owed to the famous pink crepe shirt now know as “Le Cacharel”.

The 70’s proved the recognition of the brand.  Jean Bousquet rediscovered the Liberty print and entrusted Corinne Sarrut with the task of transforming it into a style and photographer Sarah  Moon with the mission of making it into a brand image – the visual identity of Cacharel ever since.

This legendary two-woman team is back together for a brand new collection dedicated to babies and young children.

Corinne Sarrut brings back Liberty prints and romantic elements to an understated and practical collection, yet one that excels in creativity.

Photographer Sarah Moon’s work is recognized all over the world, she often captures her subjects in motion, giving the shots an ethereal look. Sarah Moon’s photos often show parallels to 1930’s photography – an absence of white, many are damaged, scratched and blackened, just like a very old photo.


Sarah Moon for Vogue Japan, Cacharel, Watanabe and Cacharel


For Cacharel’s NN collection campaign the photographer adds further dream-like quality and brings it to life through two images ‘that depict baby as a gift of life’.

Sarah Moon for Cacharel NN Magazine will report further on Cacharel’s NN collection and other brands and trends, so have it bookmarked!




  1. It’s so interesting to think so much detail goes into taking a photo! I think most people take for granted the skills required to make an image into a concept!

    As a keen photographer I always wonder the techniques the pros use to make their pictures come alive….thank you for doing the research on this and sharing it! A lot of so-called blogs just promote something, yours seems to be teaching us all things about the children’s wear world – thanks!

    Posted by Jane |

  2. Jane, thank you so much for your kind comment! We have a lot more to share, just keep an eye on the blog.

    Posted by AlexandAlexa |

  3. I love Sarah Moon’s work, when is the magazine going to be release? Have you got a big special on her work with Carcharel? I’d love to see a sneak preview on the blog if you have!

    Posted by Gemma |

  4. @Gemma
    We have a very special interview and feature exclusive planned with Cacharel/Sarah Moon, BUT it is not until next Summer season! Don’t worry, we’ll make sure our blog followers get an exclusive preview! x

    Posted by AlexandAlexa |

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