Alex and Alexa is delighted to showcase a whole host of exciting labels; and with our Brand in Focus series we want to share with you a little bit more about the thinking behind them, how they went from becoming a vision to a reality, and what they have in store for the future!

For this edition, we caught up with the founder of Tocotó Vintage, Marta Navarro.



“The whole vintage universe, in music photography, furniture, painting, fascinates me!” – Marta Navarro

When did Tocotó Vintage begin?

The brand was founded in 2010, with a little baby collection inside a vintage wooden suitcase, and a great dream…


What is the focus behind the brand?

After 10 years of experience in a multinational company in the women’s sector and a brief experience in the children’s sector, coinciding with the birth of my children Jan and Nil, I was looking for garments that I could not find… a different style.

Then we embarked on the adventure of developing a small baby collection… we were one of the first brands at that time with vintage and boho inspiration.

The reason? My children, and the desire to create different garments, with their own identity.

Tocotó Vintage
Green Embroidered Jumpsuit
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Tocotó Vintage
Blue Vintage Jeans
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How would you describe the look and aesthetic of the brand?

It is very “ours”: we have a clear identity and we know what we want and what we don’t want.

I could say vintage boho: from our principles for our interpretation of old patterns, embroidery, lace.


“We are eclectic. I think the mix of prints and concepts is where the richness and true identity of each brand is.”

Tocotó Vintage
Off white Floral Maxi Dress
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Tocotó Vintage
Off White Embroidered Blouse
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Who are the clothes for? What do you see as their function?

We believe that our garments are forever… to keep, inherit… their function is naturally to dress the little ones, but we also give a lot of love in each one we create.

How do you hope the clothes make kids feel when they put them on?

Special… unique… we would like them to be your favourites. Above all I know that many little girls love our vintage-style dresses… which are passed down from generation to generation, and that is very beautiful!

How do you see Tocotó Vintage developing going forward?

We have many wishes and projects. It would be a dream come true to be able to develop a women’s collection… but everything in due time!

Every project must be developed with love and the dedication it deserves.

Tocotó Vintage
Pink Floral Jumpsuit
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Tocotó Vintage
Pink Combi Animal Print Sandals
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