AlexandAlexa is delighted to showcase a whole host of exciting new labels; all brand new and ready to add that special something extra to our all-encompassing and impressively diverse index of exceptional kidswear designers. All set to see in a newly arrived 2021, we’re kicking off our Brand in Focus series with the dynamic, versatile and inimitable Marques Almeida.


White Branded Embroidered T-Shirt

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Multicolour Recycle Print Turtleneck Sweater

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Founded in 2011 by womenswear veterans, Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida, M ‘ A forged an undeniable authenticity, endeavouring, at all costs, to pride themselves on the notion that “fashion is about attitude not hemlines”. When browsing through this effervescent kidswear lineup; one we can only describe as ‘young  and playful in mind and spirit’, this core guiding principle is clear to see in its vibrant colour schemes, accented silhouettes and the boldest branding taking centre stage.



One notable aspect of M ‘ A’s unrivalled aesthetic is its confidence, effortlessness and ease of execution (it’s all in the detail!), and the label’s decision to ‘fit the bill’ for a growing market desiring day to day high-end ‘ready-to-wear that’s cool’ makes them all the more respected and loved the world over by loyal customers and newcomers, alike.



Holding inclusivity and diversity at the very heart of their brand and its overriding essence,  Marques Almeida has successfully expanded on its collaboration with M’A GIRLS and BOYS clothing, thus, breaking the mold and drumming out familiar sounding stereotypes around high-fashion personas; all with the aim of empowering our younger generation to “be themselves and feel represented in fashion.”


Yellow Branded Embroidered Sweatshirt

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Orange Shiny Shearling Leather Boots

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Fashion is about attitude not hemlines!


Yellow Shiny Boots

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