Alex and Alexa is delighted to showcase a whole host of exciting labels; and with our Brand in Focus series we want to share with you a little bit more about the thinking behind them, how they went from becoming a vision to a reality, and what they have in store for the future! For this edition, we spoke to Flore Lerousselet, from Louise Misha, who reveals all!

When was the brand founded?

After spending several years working in a fashion trends agency, Marie Pidancet, the designer of Louise Misha, decided to make a trip to Asia.


Her wish to create her own brand emerged during a very inspiring stay in India. When she came back to France, she decided to create clothes for little girls with the help of her friend Aurélie.


And that’s how, in 2012, Louise Misha was born.

“Louise Misha is a journey, a perpetual need to travel. It is also a story of friendship and family since the beginning. So to describe Louise Misha’s spirit in three words it’s: travel, freedom, transmission.”

Louise Misha
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How would you describe the look and aesthetic of the brand?

Louise Misha is bohemian-chic aesthetic imbued with nostalgia. The collections highlight soft colors, fluid and vaporous materials, craftsmanship of clear authenticity, attention to detail, delicacy and above all, the joy of living.

How do you expect children to feel when they wear your clothes?

Comfortable, because comfort is essential for children to feel good in their everyday life, but we also aspire to create clothes that contribute to their personal development.

At Louise Misha, we believe that dressing children in unique and beautiful pieces, with a singular aesthetic, will give them tools to build and assert their own personality. In other words, our clothes are made to bring them self-confidence.

Louise Misha
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How do you see the brand developing going forward?

We would like to move even more towards sustainable fashion by increasing our efforts with our workshops to develop innovative and responsible materials.

It is not always easy depending on the season, for example, synthetic materials are the most used today to create fake fur in winter, since it is hard to find eco-friendly alternatives.

But we believe in a better fashion and hope to succeed in changing bad habits. Also, we would like to develop Louise Misha’s universe, extend it to other new lines.

“We make clothes for women and kids aspiring to freedom. Collection after collection we try to make our clothes more and more comfortable to offer a great freedom of movement, but also to convey a very strong feeling of self-confidence.”

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