A fast favourite as far as shopping quirky homeware goes, parents with little ones and a penchant for keeping their nursery decor fresh & happening have spent the first chunk of this year patiently awaiting an exciting new drop by none other than, JOX!

Sweetening up our New In collections with perky pops of colour in the shape of stylish home interiors for kids, JOX is proudly showcasing a lively medley of bedroom and nursery favourites, reworked with a fun, free-spirited edge!



JOX is a playful, creative and authentically Scandinavian brand, aiming to provide stylish interior options for little people with big personalities and clued-up parents, alike. Underpinned by classic design details, natural materials and high-quality durability, there’s no denying that JOX’s collection of storage solutions and furniture are an absolute no brainer to welcome into the home.



Cream World Storage Basket

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Proudly showcasing a lively medley of bedroom and nursery favourites, reworked with a fun, free-spirited edge!



Yellow Happy Flower Stools

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Opting for a bedroom changeup doesn’t need to involve heavy duty decorating and lugging furniture from one room to the other. Thanks to JOX’s bold, bright pieces, freshening up the kids’ space is totally doable, and with a strong focus on creating easy-to-achieve stylish bedroom & nursery looks, JOX really does make it as simple as adding one-step splashes of vibrant colour to their rooms. Think no-frills wooden tables & chairs, statement wall art or handy storage baskets designed to magic away the day’s playtime mayhem!



Stylish decor for little ones with big personalities!




Beige Multicolour Dotty Rug

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Happy little havens deserve playful pops of bright & cheery colour – special features that really reflect our children’s young, exuberant souls! This stunning new collection by JOX is all about creating the perfect backdrop for them to make cherished memories before – whether that’s through learning, playing, dreaming or spending precious time with loved ones!



Offering an array of charming pieces set to add that special something to their treasured space, expect everything from whacky furniture to striking textiles combining quietly chic and sophisticated design with the utmost comfort and safe production.


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