An unwavering competitor when it comes to all things extraordinary and chock-full of personality,  unique Spanish brand Bobo Choses can always be banked on to add innovative elements and a superior level of design to every new season… without fail. Whether they’re repping loud, ’80s inspired chunky knits or a shower of ‘out there’ shapes aglow with geometric charm and hints of a bygone era, just know, that so far they’ve never let little style gurus down, and they’re not about to start doing so now!


1. Pristine Clouds Cardigan


A shower of ‘out there’ shapes aglow with hints of a bygone era!


Ketchup Clouds Woven Skirt

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Remarkably, the Bobo Choses creative collections get better and better with each passing season. More distinctive and in complete possession of their own inimitable details, the quirky Spanish label calls upon every fashion-loving little boy and girl out there to give them a helping hand in cutting through the industry noise and tuning out all its regular humdrum, making it their lot in life to mirror who they are and what they want to be with what they wear, and how they wear it!

And if they love to let their minds explore, then great because here’s what the new collection is all about…


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2. Grape Compote Bird Tuner T-Shirt | 3. Rose Tan Grid Suspender Trousers


The Bobo Choses creative collections get better and better with each passing season.


4. Greener Pastures Outwear Rain Trousers


“The Catalogue of Marvellous Trades is a celebration of creativity, possibility and freedom. It’s about little ones finding out where they want to go in life. Sure, it’s just a dream for now, but having something to look ahead to in life, can undoubtedly lead to little personalities getting stronger and more confident as they grow into fully fledged adults! This campaign runs on the sentiment that ALL trades are important. The janitor is as necessary as the doctor… As long as everyone brings something positive to society!”

And what a great ethos to leave to the kids… We approve!

See the charming wonders of the AW20 collection and let the tiny trendies discover a path that’s just right for them!




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