Not everyday needs to run on rules and by-the-book structure; in fact, breaking up the week with a lowkey lazy day of downtime activities is most certainly going to add a little extra pep in their step! When the usual routine goes straight out the window, we can all be free to focus on doing the things that are good for our soul. Because we all need a little break from that kitchen fridge timetable once in a while!


Eat Breakfast For Every Meal

With daily rules and habits firmly thrown on the scrap heap for the day, let the kids take charge of their meal plans and have the food of their choice for breakfast, lunch and dinner! From fluffy pancakes with banana and blueberries to yummy hot sandwiches and a baked bean bonanza, if mum and dad say so, the menu is theirs to feast on! So, kids: be sure to order something tasty, filling and nutritious too!


Build A Fort Or Pillow Mountain

Blanket forts and pillow mountains are easy to build and bound to capture young imaginations! Everyday household items like blankets, sheets, chairs, and curtain rods are all you’ll need to create the ultimate hideout. Start by building a fort frame. Then, close off your fort to the outside world by draping blankets over it. Throw in a few pillows, blankets, books and games for added cosiness and an enchanting day shut away from grownup world!



A Movie Marathon

The best thing about all-day pyjama days is the endless list of movies they can watch from morning until sundown! From long-loved old classics mum and dad grew up with to adored animations and Disney favourites, decade by decade. Get them sitting comfortably with some freshly popped buttered popcorn handy, turn down the lights and prepare them to get lost in a world of make-believe and action-packed storytelling. And relax…


The Best Family Board Games

It goes without saying that today’s tiny digi-generation just cannot be lured away from the ever present glow of those tireless screens, but if there’s one thing that’s pretty much guaranteed to get them switching off and engaging with the family, it’s got to be a trusty old board game! Choose something that is fun to play at every age like Monopoly Voice Banking, the Mumin Junior Labyrinth Board Game or the Edvin Ludo Game by Kid’s Concept.


Bath Then Bedtime Stories

Sharing a bedtime story post bath time as their tired little bonces hit the pillow is a wonderful way to drift off to dreamland after a busy, fun-filled day of no rules and endless adventures. After a soothing story and a good night’s sleep, the little ones are sure to wake tomorrow alert, bright-eyed and ready for a new day of learning. From Maurice Sendak’s ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ and Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat’ to Roald Dahl’s ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’ and ‘Moomin’s Winter Follies’ by Tove Jansson, the list of entrancing reads is never ending and the perfect excuse to transport yourselves back to when you were a bushy-tailed, mischief making child!




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