For a day that’s annually winced at in post-Christmas dread and one that we’re collectively plagued with once here, Blue Monday is somehow made all the more dreary in sight of current circumstances and the ensuing lockdown. For many, the worsening turn of events  has brought on a feeling of being unnaturally cooped up for what seems like an eternity! The weather is bleak and we’ve never before craved social contact and affection with loved ones so much; it’s an ongoing battle to keep on keeping on, and we want you to know that we feel you, are here for you and are undoubtedly in this with you!

That said, the team at AlexandAlexa came to the conclusion that if we’re all feeling the January blues (and then some!), then why not take a bit of time out to appreciate all the little things that help to bring us closer together. Be sure to check in at Life + Style this week for some simple little pick-me-ups both you and the kids can enjoy at home. And for now, let us focus on the absolute blessing that is phone calls, text messages and the wondrous world of social media… Because staying connected in one way or another is sure to put a smile right back on our faces!


How About
An Old Fashioned Letter?

Though letter writing is a basic part of life for many people, there’s no denying that since the growth of quality telephone took over and, in particular, the vast realm of internet introduced, there aren’t as many handwritten or old-fashioned typed letters traversing the Royal Mail these days. And as much as we love the instantaneous allure of the internet and phone calls, there’s something to be said about receiving a tangible letter we can hold in our hands and keep close to read over again when we feel like it. So why not introduce the magic of letter writing, addressed to those lucky few members of the family they so long to be reunited with? They could learn the art of elegant English-Running hand for that traditional italics effect or spend some creative time on accompanying doodles and a spritz of mum’s favourite perfume!


The Trusty
Phone Call

There’s nothing quite like picking up the phone and dialing the familiar tone that reacquaints you with a friendly voice now is there, mums? Months and sometimes years can go by without seeing some of your very favourite people, and you simply wouldn’t think it after spending an hour or so catching one another up on every important life event missed. Sure, it’s not as good as being physically there with them and able to embrace them in a way you would have once upon a time, but it’s surely the next best thing, and the perfect way to spend an evening of winding down and readying yourselves for the next edition of Groundhog Day!


Get Creative With
A Video Message

An imaginative way to keep the little ones occupied for a blissful couple of hours at a time, why not try filming a short video message of them dressed head-to-toe in their best fancy dress getup, and reenacting their favourite Pixar movie scenes? Watch as they get into the spirit of roleplay, knowing just how happy it’ll make the grandparents feel to see them frolic around freely, and without a single worry in sight! Zoom calls are just as amusing of course, and if you just so happen to grab an evening to yourself, try hosting a fun & easy quiz with friends – a failsafe option for those exhausted mamas in the mood for a night of laughter, ridiculousness, sinful snacks and a glass of wine (or two) to hand!


A Simple Text…

And if you’re just not quite feeling the whole phone thing, and absolutely cannot be dealing with the pressure of face-to-face entertaining – let’s face it, most days, it’s a task and a half to drag ourselves out of our pjs and into something even slightly resembling our former self’s wardrobe – then a simple text, carrying just a few heartfelt words can truly brighten up someone’s day.


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