Behind the Scenes at the Alex and Alexa SS17 Photoshoot

Alex and Alexa BTS SS17 Photoshoot

We have been spending the last two days having a blast at our SS17 Photoshoot, starting bright and early on Wednesday to prepare the set at our East London studio and making sure everything was ready for our little models.
Props like pineapples, inflatable balls and watermelon slices filled the room and it wasn’t
long before everyone got in the summer spirit!

It didn’t take much to get the boys’ imagination going, as the set quickly became a playground. Colourful papers were used to create swords and high-tech armbands, as they ran around on covert spy missions and created code names for each other. The girls weren’t far behind as they played with their slinkies and shared giggles and secret whispers – at one point twirling and rocking out, shaking glitter confetti all around.

Our little models also wanted to do some work, asking if our team needed any help and trying to assist in styling outfits. When one of the boys found out he was going to be wearing a suit, he got super excited as he was going to look like his dad!

We can’t wait to share the official pictures of our super fun shoot, but in the meantime scroll down to get a little sneak peek behind the scenes, or click on the button to shop our current season collections.
And if you’re wondering, yes – the boys did take their DIY swords home!


Alex and Alexa BTS SS17 Photoshoot

Every colour of the rainbow

Alex and Alexa BTS SS17 Photoshoot

Playing with all the fun props

Alex and Alexa BTS SS17 Photoshoot Lots of giggles!

Alex and Alexa BTS SS17 Photoshoot

The coolest accessories

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