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Lucky Boy Sunday designers Camilla Koerschen and Camilla Ebdrup founded their studio in 2007. The talented textile designers recall: “we sat down on a bench by the lakes in Copenhagen, shaking each other hands promising to design the best brand we could think of ”. Their cute and quirky knitted toys and home furnishings are made using the softest Bolivian alpaca wool and are  inspired by an artistic take on the world of children. We caught up with them to find out how their designs come to life.



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The Lucky Boy Sunday office in Vesterbro, Copenhagen

What is your design space like?
We have just moved our studio to the meat packing district of Copenhagen, which is a refurbished creative hub in the area called Vesterbro. We are ecstatic about our new office! It has more daylight (we had our office in a basement before) and more space for everybody. We have everything we need nearby: a great cycle cafe where you can have coffee while they fix your bike; grocery shops, nice restaurants for lunch; and also we share the building with a super cool vintage furniture shop ‘Kødbyens Vintage’.

We are 4 in the office: Signe/sales manager, Tine/office manager and Camilla&Camilla, the designers and owners. Our office space is very open, and we have all our stock here in a stock space just beside the office. We also have a small creative space with a desk and all our tools for drawing… this is the “Camilla&Camilla’s free creative” space where it’s ok never to clear your desk.

How do you come up with the inspiration for your toys?
We have always scribbled drawings of small imaginary characters, so when we started LUCKYBOYSUNDAY they fitted perfectly into our new universe. Some of our “secret friends” have been with us for a long time – just in our heads.


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Toys lined up in the Lucky Boy Sunday stock room

Are your characters based on real people?
We find inspiration in our surroundings and also the people in our lives, so the inspiration can come from anything such as a nickname or something funny a friend said.

When that is said, we do have a few characters that are directly inspired by real persons – but we will never tell which ones! We are so happy that people inspire us to make a great new character, but we keep it a secret!

How do your toys come to life?
In the design process of the dolls we draw a lot of sketches, we just scribble away, and then we make a selection of the ideas we like and then we pass the drawings back and forth between each other (Camilla & Camilla) until we find a perfect new secret friend (as we call our dolls).

We decide the next season’s colours mainly based on pictures from magazines and the Internet. Images we have gathered in the beginning of a new design process.

Then we send out technical drawings to our manufacturers, who are incredibly skilled craftswomen in Bolivia, who hand-machine knit our work, and hand embroider them. When the design samples reach us, this is the moment when the product gets its physical body and it is so thrilling for us to see our work in three dimensions. The alpaca yarn which we use is so soft and warm and it makes our hearts sing. But we think the dolls really come to life when we photograph our seasonal lookbook. This is our chance to communicate the mood and atmosphere of the products. We love these shootings – this is where we see the new dolls’ true personality.

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Inspiration for the Lucky Boy Sunday toys

Do you have special considerations when designing for kids?
Creatively, we basically do not design just for kids – we design whatever we think is nice ourselves. Apart from safety and function concerns, kids do not cross our mind that much creatively speaking! Kids are cool people – they do not need special treatment. It’s a lot harder to charm grown ups -they are filled with references, associations, what colour is hot right now? But then luckily we can just ask ourselves, as we are those exact people.

What made you want to design for children?
When we created the base of LUCKYBOYSUNDAY, we agreed that we could design whatever we wanted, and we thought that designing for children made the possibilities much more open.

As the company has grown, so have we.  We have adjusted the original focus a little and included adults too. We find a lot of joy and challenges in digging deeper into the ‘home section’ and now we are slowly moving towards new materials too. Very exciting for us, lucky girls.

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Behind the scenes at Lucky Boy Sunday


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