With Founder and Creative Director,
Andrea Rembeck

Creative, whimsical and undoubtedly authentic – Alex and Alexa’s adoration for Australian label, Tutu Du Monde continues to grow with the arrival of each new season. From dusty pastels to feather laden tutus, the brand has recently sprinkled a touch more magic into the mix thanks to its new and exciting Tutu Du Monde LOVES My Little Pony collection. We caught up with the founder and designer, Andrea Rembeck to chat about all things occasion wear, party picks, dress-up and more… Read our interview below.



How did Tutu Du Monde
first come to life?

I had a baby girl who as soon as she was able to express herself wanted to wear nothing but ballerina and fairy dresses.


There was nothing available in the market that I liked, so I created my own. My friends loved them and soon after, Tutu Du Monde was born.


How would you describe the overall ethos of the brand?

Original, genuine and innovative. We were the first and original tutu brand. Our garments are created by the best artisans in the world. They may look delicate but they’re made to be worn and can be passed on to siblings or friends.


How did you come up with the name and what is the idea behind it?

My original inspiration were French Vintage Ballet costumes, hence the name…which came to me during a run along Bondi Beach.


Where does the inspiration for the collection come from?

Inspiration tends to come from so many different sources, often travel to India, books, movies or vintage finds.

“I think ultimately I live out the dreams of my younger self. When I was a little girl I found endless entertainment in my Grandmother’s attic, dressing up in lacy and beaded gowns.”

How do you identify with the little ones of today and how has your own childhood come into play with the designs?

I think ultimately I live out the dreams of my younger self. When I was a little girl I found endless entertainment in my grandmother’s attic dressing up in lacy and beaded gowns. Childhood is so fleeting, I’m all for celebrating this short period where imaginations can run wild… And I think we very much speak to like-minded stylish mothers who want something unique and beautiful for their daughters – something they wished they could have had when they were little themselves.


What made you want to create the brand?

Once I started designing the initial pieces I made for my daughter, there was so much encouragement and apparently a global niche out there, that it felt natural to make bigger and better collections.

What do you love most about designing your pieces?

Seeing our designs and sketches comes to life and then dreaming up concepts for our campaign shoots.


What in particular sets your most recent collection apart from the rest?

It’s very fun, colourful and a lot brighter than our ‘regular’ collections. It’s nice to shake it up.


What is the design process and how are the garments made?

Our design team works on a concept and we then work in collaboration with our beaders in India (India has the best artisans in the world) to bring our sketches to life. The beading on every dress is made by hand one at a time which can take a whole day. There is nothing fast and mass in the making of our garments.










“It’s very fun,
colourful and a lot
brighter than our

If you were to choose one key style from the new collection, which would it be and why?

The ‘Flutter your Lashes’ dress with its oversized eyes. It’s very bold and says ‘Look at me!’


What does your workspace look like?

Our office is open plan, very light and airy and we’re surrounded by clouds of tulle, lots of glitter and sequins. I’m not kidding… The colour palette is soft and pastel. We live what we preach.


What three things do you carry in your bag at all times?

Lip balm, sunglasses (Australia) and my phone (camera).


If you were to describe your brand in three words, what would they be?



And Finally, do you have any words you live by?

Don’t sweat the small stuff, life’s too short.



Best of Tutu Du Monde


Tutu Du Monde
Pink My Little Pony Flutter Your Lashes Dress

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Tutu Du Monde
Greeny Blue Juliette Embellished Tutu Dress

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Tutu Du Monde
Pink Divine Lily Embellished Tulle Dress

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Tutu Du Monde
Silver My Little Pony Rarity Tutu Dress

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Tutu Du Monde
Blue My Little Pony Sequin Patch Tutu Dress

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