BAMBAM Brings Back Luxury Toys

When you come across antique toys, whether found covered in dust in your grandmother’s attic or in perfect condition

in an antique shop, it is always amazing to see the pure craftsmanship of the items, the type of craftsmanship that makes

the plastic toys of today just cannot compare to.


There are various brands however, that have been developed to bring the beauty, quality and functionality back to baby

toys and games.


One of these brands is Netherlands based quality gift brand for babies, BAMBAM. Created in 1992 by Amsterdam

based mother of four Nicolette Meijer, the BAMBAM boutique was created to bring style and fashion back to



With their trademark crown motif, BAMBAM has become widely recognised, sought after and adored and can

now be found outside the Netherlands in many of Europe’s most stylish baby boutiques.


So whether you have just started your Christmas shopping or are simply looking for some quality toys for your

baby, the high quality and surprisingly affordable BAMBAM toys are certainly the way to go.


Some great gift ideas from BAMBAM include:


BAMBAM Wooden Punch Pegs in Blue or Pink £25.00





 BAMBAM Wooden Tower in Blue or Pink £21.00



BAMBAM Wooden Tower in Blue or Pink



 BAMBAM Wooden Xylophone in Blue or Pink £29.00






BAMBAM Wooden Block Box in Pink or Blue £21.00




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