We know it seems like only yesterday the kids broke up from school and another year ended – but before you know it, they’ll be back again! And as we’re all aware, kids can do some serious growing in the summer holidays! So do make sure they’re ready to go with all they need once the autumn term rolls in.

As well as their uniform/everyday clothes, of course, you’ll want to think about outerwear (including waterproofs), PE kit and any basic equipment they’ll need, from the handy backpack to the pencil case, lunchbox and water bottle.

Next, you’ll be keen to ensure that the first day goes as smoothly as possible – a few weeks off can mean the routine gets a little forgotten!

We’ve divided tasks into things you can get sorted a couple of weeks before they go back (like getting the outfits prepared), things to do the night before, and a few ideas for the first morning back to make sure there aren’t too many tears at the school gates (from them or you!).


“Education is the key to unlocking the world,a passport to freedom.”    Oprah Winfrey


Two weeks before the first day back…

  1. Get the uniform ready in good time. Make sure you have a few of everything – trousers, skirt, shirts, socks and tights as well as a good coat or jacket as the cooler months arrive.

2. Think about the PE kit too: t-shirt, shorts and trainers as the basics and a good gym bag to put it all in! Buy new trainers and shoes if required and get them worn in around the house over the summer to avoid blisters and rubbing on the first day.

3. Make sure you know about lunches: if your child is having school meals, how do they pay and have you set that up yet? If they’ll be taking a packed lunch, are there any rules on what not to take? Nut-based products and chocolate are often a no-go so do check with school before you stock up on anything that can’t be included in their snack box.

4. Label everything if you can! Schools are often keen for items to be labelled as much as possible, especially when it comes to clothes that might be taken off in the day if it gets warm – like cardigans or jumpers – and which will be pretty much identical to what every other child is wearing! Putting their names on means you won’t be down to one last sweater by the end of term (hopefully!).

“You’re off to great places. Today is your first day! Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!” Dr. Seuss


The night before the first day back…


Try and make the first day go as smoothly as possible by prepping as much as you can the evening before. If you can, avoid tablets and TV for an hour or so before bed, and instead, read with the kids (or get them to read a book themselves if they can and would prefer). Then, do a little prep so the morning’s not too hectic, such as:

– have their uniform laid out

– make sure lunch is made

 – set the alarm a bit early

– know the route if it’s a new school.

On the morning itself…

The first day back is here! Hopefully, everyone’s up and about in good time, the new uniforms are on and they’re ready with their kit! Try and persuade them to eat a decent breakfast and pack a water bottle to help ensure they keep hydrated through the day.

Leave the house in plenty of time to get to school and to make sure you have time to say a proper goodbye! If they’ve been especially nervous about the first day, you might want to consider planning something nice to look forward to when they’re home – perhaps a takeaway, meal out or even a cinema trip if you won’t be too late home.

Other than that, try and get into the routine of early nights so they’ll be refreshed for the day ahead. And watch the next year fly by!

And finally…

Remember that these school days can be tough. Getting the uniform ready, lunch prepared, signing all the school notes and sometimes even being on time won’t always happen – and that’s OK. We all have those days: just know you’re doing a brilliant job!

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