There's so much to look forward to, so brace yourselves for a brand new season...




I think we can all agree that 2020, so far, has served up a whirlwind of craziness we could never, ever have anticipated…

Certainly within the sphere of kids fashion, things needed to be looked at a little differently… and though our efforts to bring to our customers the top-tier design we’re known and loved for, never wavered (and also kept our spirits up!) it was important to consider what a life in lockdown looked like for absolutely everybody.

Within what seemed like a millisecond, schools across the country and beyond announced their imminent closure, leaving a great many families entirely overwhelmed at the thought of keeping their little ones entertained all day! So we set to work at providing every befuddled mum and dad out there an abundance of Life + Style Content to make the tiniest members of the pack’s suddenly redundant schedules jam-packed and always changing. And breathe!



From mindfulness activities and garden treasure hunts to virtual class highlights and environmental information pieces, our community of mums & dads, slowly but surely carved a daily structure that suited them – and, of course, the kids were all smiles, too!

Now we’re nearing the end of another season and, alas, the promise of a less chaotic future hasn’t been granted just yet… but that’s OK because we’ll keep on going, the way we have done since the start of the year; the only way we know how! And, rest assured, we’ll never let our AA Squad go without when it comes to keeping sustainability awareness at the core of our vision & ethos, as well as keeping you all up to date on the latest news and trends to be had!

We SO look forward to unveiling stacks of exclusives on the very best brands & biographies and what exactly to look out for when piecing outfits together… Just in time for the cooler coming months.



AW20 has rustled up a gorgeous concoction of truly special styles featuring whimsical print magic, rustic chunky knits, technical tailoring and palettes that pack a punch! AW20?! We’re looking at you!





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