Anticipation for the Arrival of a Royal Baby Steps Up a Notch around the World

Photograph Alison Jackson

Excitement for the arrival of the United Kingdom’s future heir to the throne has reached new highs in the past few weeks. Every new arrival warrants jubilation and since the announcement of the Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy her due date has become one of the most hotly anticipated in the world.

Photographer Alison Jackson is famous for her parody portraits of the Royals. Jackson’s photographs of lookalike models show the regal family enjoying “everyday pastimes” often with a comedic twist.  This week, drinks brand Shloer launched a full Alison Jackson campaign based around a fake Catherine baby shower. The baby shower is usually seen as an American tradition but here it is imagined in a very English setting.  In the face of international hype the story was immediately picked up news publications around the world including the Huffington post.

Every baby deserves a royal welcome and we wish parents-to-be the world over the very best of luck in the exciting days ahead.

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