A Postcard from Alex


photograph: phontchen, source: photocase


1. The timing of flights is everything.  Making sure that you don’t have to get up too early (tantrums), or arrive too late (tantrums), means that sometimes it’s good to be the first to book.

2. For those with two kids or more, buy a headphone splitter, that allows you to connect more than one headphone to one headphone socket on your iPad, Laptop or DVD player.  There’s nothing worse than sharing one pair of headphones.

3. Play the ‘describing animals game’. Daddy starts with “Pick easy, medium or hard”, (the kids pick one), then start describing… “This animal lives in the jungle…. it’s got 4 legs…. it’s orange…..has stripes….” The first to guess, gets one point, the first to five wins.

4. Keep a fleece or blanket handy. Whilst you might be going somewhere warm, on the plane it tends to get cold, and if they fall asleep, they will need the warmth.

5. If you are booking a hire car, make sure that car seats are supplied. It’s so easy to forget. Better still, order a Trunki Boostapak, which is both a kids rucksack and a car booster seat. Super practical.


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  1. Hi Alex,

    Great pictures and love the presentation…
    Hoping to go to Europe with my two kids and husband, was initially thinking of going to Greece but reading some sites it seems July would be a bad time to go – It seems the 40C degrees and winds are an issue. Would you agree? Was looking at the island of Sifnos but do you have a suggestion of an island that would work better in July? Any tips would be great as would really like to go….

    Posted by Frenchie |

    • Hi Frenchie,

      A response from the man himself

      “July in Greece wherever you go could risk 35+ degrees. It’s Mid Summer in Greece then, so escaping it is tricky. Picking an Island without the wind issue is easier.
      I personally havn’t travelled all of the Islands, I have been to Crete, Corfu, Scorpios, Rhodos, Mykonos and Kefalonia. For me Kefalonia is by far the most beautiful, and wind is never an issue there. But i have noticed that all the Greek Islands have increasingly had a wasp problem
      this past 2 years, where the Government has stopped pesticides to help their honey production (the pesticides killed the bees as well as the wasps).If you can see through that problem, then i recommend Kefalonia. Stay in Fiskado or Sami for Snorkelling, or the Xi/ the South for amazing sandy beaches.”

      Posted by Anna-Claire @Alexandalexa |

  2. Thank you for the information it is useful and will keep researching our options to Greece.

    Posted by Frenchie |

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