Work Life Balance with Justin Moore

April 4, 2017


We caught up with Justin Moore; entrepreneur, Youtuber and father, to chat about achieving the elusive work-life balance.
Read our interview below. 

I owe everything to my wife, April!  She started making YouTube videos as a hobby back in 2009 and I did everything I could to support her from behind the camera while still working my 9-5 in medical devices.  When people grew interested in our relationship, I started appearing in the occasional “Boyfriend tag” video.  It wasn’t until we got married and started travelling more that we launched our vlog channel AprilJustinTV to capture memorable moments.  When April got pregnant with our first son, Liam (now almost 3), we started vlogging every single day and shortly after he was born, I quit my day job so we could both focus on YouTube full time. We’re also expecting our second son in April 2017!  The support that we’ve had from our viewers from the beginning has been incredible and much more than anything we ever anticipated. We’ve even had the opportunity to work with many different brands such as Walmart, Nickelodeon, Mastercard, and more. Most recently, utilising all our brand experience as well as my professional background in marketing, I started Trending Family, an agency that helps connect brands and agencies with other top, family-friendly social media influencers.



Fatherhood completely changed everything I thought was important in life. Previously, my main focus was on career advancement and when I became a father, I realised nothing could ever be more important than being a good role model for my son and ensuring he is happy and loved.  The first moment I held Liam in my arms, this massive responsibility washed over me that this tiny life that we created — we’re all he’s got.  It’s our job to make sure he grows up into an empathetic, respectful, responsible person.  How can that not change who you are and what you thought you wanted from life?   Let me be clear, I’m still very much driven by running my own company and the fulfilment that brings me – but the joy is not financially motivated.  The prospect of creating a legacy, something I might be able to pass down to my children, is what’s on my mind these days.



Work-Life Balance is a tricky thing when you work from home, especially if your spouse is your business partner!  April and I both work a lot but that’s because it honestly doesn’t feel like work!  We love what we do, talk about it constantly, and can’t imagine doing anything else. Further, both of us have been able to experience almost every moment of our son’s life, which is an amazing blessing and privilege.  I must say that April does have a few rules for me – for instance after we put Liam to bed at night, I’ll typically work for a few more hours, but if I’m not back upstairs by 10 pm to watch a show together, she’ll let me know it! 


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  1. So proud of everything you have done with Trending Family my love! Thank you for everything you do but most of all thank you for being the best father to Liam and our future baby boy and the best husband too!

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