Doodle Bread Your Daily Meals

November 19, 2009



Bread has been a staple for most of us throughout life, so if you are getting bored of it, don’t feel bad, we agree you

can only dress up your sandwich so many ways before it can no longer be disguised.


Luckly, your love for bread and interest in sandwiches is no longer at stake as Rose Kane, of northern Ireland,

has discovered a way to make bread more exciting and baking more fun with Doodle Bread.


Making your own bread can be rewarding enough but with Doodle Bread you can have shapes running through every slice

and colour from the Doodle Bread mixes (which come from powdered vegetables, seeds and grains).


Not only will you know what is in your bread, you will also know who made your bread as you and the kids fill saturday

afternoons, rainy days or just a quiet evening in together , getting messy and having fun!


Doodle bread comes with a high quality silicon baking tin and a durable ‘squisher’ and can be used over and

over with as many bread recipes as you can get your hands on!


Plus, if you want to show off your unique bread creation, you can post images online at!




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  2. Just came across your blog and love it! Well done you!

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